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To ensure accommodating your request for instruction/coaching or clinic time, advanced reservations are strongly recommended for more information please call the golf shop at 406-797-3000.

Have you thought about taking up golf?

Are you a beginner or someone that plays the game regularly but frustrated with your lack of improvement? The staff at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Golf Course is here to help you get the most from your abilities and the game. Our goal is simple; we want you to have fun playing the game, and want to help you become the best player you can be!

Why should you take lessons?


A qualified professional instructor spends many hours developing his or her own skills and game and is aware of the difficulties and pitfalls in that learning process. With this experience, and after many hours of instruction, a qualified instructor can help you shorten the time frame in learning or improving your game.


Have you ever been frustrated on the course, tried to fix your own mistakes, leading you to get more frustrated? A qualified professional has developed a keen eye through years of coaching and training golfers and can focus on those critical elements that need to be modified for improvement to take place.


At times during the learning process, the pace of improvement can sometimes seem to take forever. Besides being there as a teacher, like a coach they will keep you on the right track. The professional staff at Fairmont has, at its disposal, many teaching tools that can assist in the learning process.

………and to maximize your enjoyment playing the game of a lifetime!!!

Fairmont Guest Golf Clinics

Staying at Fairmont? Have you been interested or intrigued about learning what the game is all about or improving your current skills? Looking for an activity for you or your family, friends or business associates while you’re here? Most Fridays and Saturdays, during the golf season, the Fairmont Golf Staff will be offering golf clinics that can be tailored to your group’s skill level. Whether your group has never played before, just beginning or played for some time let the Fairmont Golf Staff help you along the way to enjoy the game of a lifetime.

Whether your age 16 or 76 golf is a lifelong game and learning and playing the game gives you a great opportunity to spend quality outdoor time with your family, friends or business associates.

Clinic Times: 8:30am or 11:00am

Clinic Days: Friday / Saturdays

Clinic Length: 75 minutes

Signing  Up: Call the golf shop to reserve a session date and time for your group.

**If these times do not work for you call us and we’ll work to try and accommodate your needs.

Clinics will cover the following……..

  • Goal of the Game
  • Pre-Swing Fundamentals and Motion – GPA and Swinging the Club
  • Etiquette / Sportsmanship
  • Pace of Play – “It’s Okay Hints” and “Ready Golf Hints”

……….. or we can cover those items that give your group the most challenges.

Cost Per Person $15

5 Students Minimum 8 Students Maximum (Clubs and balls can be provided)

Private Instruction

Half Hour $40
One Hour $60
Series of 4 half-hour lessons $145
Series of 6 half-hour lessons $195

Tailored to your specific goals, our personalized one on one instruction enables us to get to know your game and focus on your needs to reach your goals and have more FUN.

Semi-Private Instruction (Per person, per hour)

2 Students $32
3 Students $24
4 Students (or more) $20

With a friend or family member, it’s a great way to learn. Our semi-private instruction package can be a structured format of, full swing and short game coaching, or tailored to your specific needs. Like private sessions, you have the flexibility to schedule each session around your busy schedule.

Short Game Instruction Series (Per Person)

Series of 4-hour sessions

Individual $185
2 Students $95
3 Students $85
4 Students $75

This is a series of four one-hour sessions that focus on those scoring shots from inside 75 yards of the green. Approximately 60% of a player’s score, for golfers of all skill levels, are played within 75 yards of the green. Proper execution and improvement in hitting bunker, chip and pitch shots, as well as improvements in putting, can lead to dramatic scoring improvements and lowering your handicap index. Sign up individually or get a group together to schedule dates and times that work for you!

Fairmont Teaching Staff

Mikal Harpster, is the PGA Head Professional, at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. He attended Eastern Kentucky University and graduated in 2015 with a degree in Marketing and a concentration in Professional Golf Management. During and since his time at EKU, Mikal has worked for or shadowed multiple PGA Section Award-winning Teachers. Mikal has had great experiences teaching all ages, from a beginning 5-year-old junior to a 60-year-old veteran.

Steve Wickliffe, is a PGA Master Professional, and Professional Emeritus, at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. He attended Florida International University, on a golf scholarship; Steve graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management in 1978, then turned professional and has been teaching the game since. Completing his thesis on golf instruction, Steve became part of an elite group of 190 PGA members among 29,000 plus members to earn Master Professional status, the PGA’s highest professional classification. Steve teaches and works with players of all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

To ensure accommodating your request for instruction/coaching or clinic time, advanced reservations are strongly recommended for more information please call the golf shop at 406-797-3000.

Pricing & dates subject to change.

COVID-19 UPDATE - See our About page for new information. Pools - Both indoor and outdoor pools are open to overnight resort-area guests and members. Pools are open from 7am-10pm, daily. On January 18, 2022 the indoor hot tub will be closed for maintenance and will be back up and operational Thursday, January 20, 2022.