Whispering Willows Spa at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort

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Whispering Willows Spa offers quality massage, bodywork and spa services by certified massage therapists along with hair and nail treatments by our experienced cosmetologists. Invest in your own physical and mental well-being or plan a massage treatment as a gift for a loved one or friend.

We now have a couples room available by appointment only.

Swedish Massage

 A basic massage that increases circulation, relieves tension from head to toe.
Pressure is medium to light.

  • One-half hour $55
  • One hour $75
  • One and one-half hour $100
  • Reflexology one-half hour $55

Whispering Willows Combination

  • One hour Swedish Massage plus half hour Reflexology.
  • One and one-half hour $100

Peaceful Moments

Relax and drift away as our skilled therapists soothe your mind and body with a thorough shoulder, neck, scalp and face massage, utilizing pressure points, gentle massage, hot stones, heat, and aromatherapy. Essential oils are used throughout this treatment.

  • One hour $90

Exfoliating Sweet Treat or Salt Glow

Heated Herbal Select oil mixed with special sugars or salts applied to your skin in a circular motion, then a warm shower, followed by a Reflexology session.

  • One and one-half hour includes Swedish Massage $125
  • Two-hour session with Swedish Massage $165

Total Indulgence

Sugar Treat or Salt Glow, with Swedish Massage, Reflexology session, and Paraffin Wax Bath.

  • Two hours $175

River Rock Massage

This treatment requires advance reservations so we may heat the stones.  The gentle pressure of heated stones combined with massage is a great way to relax.  This is a deep therapy session and there may be contraindications.

  • One and one-half hour $135
  • Two hours $160

Lazy Day Meltdown

Your hands and feet are treated to a paraffin wax bath followed by a Reflexology session. During the rest of the time, you receive a light Swedish Massage.

  • One and one-half hour $110

Soothing Escape Mud Treatment

Treat yourself to a Therapeutic Mud Treatment. This treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.  You will receive a light Swedish Massage during the remainder of your session.

  • One and one-half hour $135
  • Two hours $165

Native American Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy massage utilizes essential oils drawn from native plants massaged into the body to stimulate self-healing abilities.  This special treatment can assist with stress relief, relaxation, and balance.

  • One and one half hour minimum $135

Soothe your Soles’
A luxurious spa treat for the feet.  Your feet are wrapped in a hot aromatherapy scented towel, then treated with a gentle scrub, and painted with a cooling masque.  This treatment is finished with an application of soothing botanical lotion massaged into your feet and calves.

  • 40 minutes $60

Nail Treatments

Indulge yourself in a relaxing, soothing and therapeutic treatment to your feet and hands.  Starting with a refreshing soak, followed with a gentle scrub to soften and refresh the skin.  Finishing with a warm soothing Paraffin Treatment followed with a relaxing massage with moisturizing lotion for soft, smooth hands or feet.

A full beautification of the nails is included!

  • Manicure $50 – 45 min.  (Shellac polish $15 extra)
  • Pedicure $60 – 60 min.  (Shellac polish $15 extra)
  • Both treatments – $100  (Shellac polish $15 extra)*Advance notice required at time of booking nail treatment using shellac polish 

Waxing Treatments

  • Brow Waxing/Shaping – $15
  • Lip Waxing – $10
  • Chin Waxing – $15
  • Body Waxing
  • Legs (full) – $70  (half) – $35
  • Arms – $60
  • Under Arm – $30
  • Back – $50
  • Stimulates Scalp
  • May help to gain hair growth

Facials – $65

  • 45-minute service
  • Rejuvenate and Relax
  • Blemish Reduction
  • Moisturizing
  • Relaxing
  • With High Frequency (for Acne )- $75

All salon treatments are by appointment only and availability of cosmetologist.  (We do require a two-hour notice of cancellation or a fee will be charged).

* For more information, please call Whispering Willows Spa in care of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort at 406-797-3241, Ext. 144, or you may email Whispering Willows Spa in care of info@fairmontmontana.com.

Whispering Willows Spa is not able to split sessions.

For your comfort, it is Whispering Willows Spa policy that the client remains on the table and discreetly draped during the entire treatment.

* Whispering Willows Spa is an independent company providing massage services in a leased studio at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.  This is a representative list of services.  Prices and services subject to change.