A Front Desk Manager is an individual who is in charge of managing the staff who assist hotel guests. They have to ensure that the check in and checkout operations of the guests are executed smoothly. It is also the duty of the Front Desk Manager to ensure that the guests receive proper service and are satisfied with their stay. There are certain job responsibilities of a Front Desk  Manager which are mentioned below.

**The following is a list of what is expected of the Front Desk Manager**

~ Responsible for overseeing the overall activities of the staff who are responsible for looking after the hospitality of the guests.

~ Responsible for ensuring that the check in and the check out procedures of the guests in the hotel is done accurately.

~ Responsible for ensuring that the guests receive proper services and are completely satisfied with the service received / resolving guest problems quickly, efficiently and courteously.

~ Responsible for giving training, cross-training and retraining to the new staff appointed to work in the front desk.

~ Responsible for cash accounting for the front desk.

~ Supervising workload during shifts.

~ Maintain working relationships and communication with all departments.

~ Uphold the hotel’s commitment to hospitality / ensure implementation of all hotel policies and house rules.

~ Ensure that employees are, at all times attentive, friendly, helpful and courteous to all guests and fellow employees to a limit.

~ Observes and maintains front desk office and stationary supplies.

~ Operates and maintains the key card and credit card systems.

~ Perform other duties as requested by management.

Front Desk Manager must perform the following duties in addition to the above.

  • Prepare the work schedules for the staff on the Wednesday prior to the following week (must turn schedule into myself prior to posting for approval.)
  • Participate in the selection of hiring and reprimanding employees required to work at the front desk. (no one is to be terminated prior to my approval.)
  • Ensuring that billing is done accurately and rectify any error occurring in the bill.
  • Be responsible for delegating tasks to the staff working at the front desk.
  • Monitor the job performance of each front desk staff employee.
  • Enforces all cash-handling, check-cashing and credit card policies.
  • Participate in the selection of uniforms and enforces the dress code policy by making sure everyone is dressed appropriately and in approved uniforms.
  • Review daily front office work and activity reports generated by night audit.
  • Be responsible for all aspects of record keeping / Maintain an organized and comprehensive filing system with documentation of purchases, vouchering, schedules, forecasts, reports, and tracking logs.
  • Keep Hotel Operations manager updated about all aspects of the front desk.
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